Monday, May 21, 2012

4th Junior Multimedia

Prepositions of movement:

Subject and object pronouns, and possessive adjectives:

Comparatives and superlatives:

Past Simple:

Be going to:

Pronunciation Games
Past Simple Ending:
Vowel sounds:
Stress patterns:

Cardinal and Ordinal numbers
Multiple choice:

Friday, May 18, 2012

3rd Junior Multimedia

Countable and Uncountable Nouns -some/any/a/an

Jobs and occupations: 7 easy activities to start with
Jobs: matching
Jobs: memory game (listening) 
Jobs: quiz
Jobs: crossword
Jobs: several activities

Friday, July 2, 2010

Quotes on education

Education today and tomorrow

Education today and tomorrow

Let´s listen to Nadine

the mountain

Hi everybody let´s go to Champa and leave the computer alone

We are happy to be here!

Hi everybody!

As we weren´t able to create our own blog we are using Belen's one, it´s been nice to learn about tech :)

Mariel and Georgina

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weather project: What's the weather going to be like tomorrow in...?

Next Friday 25th your classroom will become a TV studio and you will be weather girls and boy.

Your task is to fill in the card I gave you last Friday and bring it to class together with a brief description of the weather and a piece of advice based on the weather forecast for Saturday 26th of the province/city/island/Base I assigned.

To do so, follow the simple steps below:
  1. Click here . This is the National Weather Service of our country. You will find a map of Argentina there. First, you have to click on the place you were assigned. Then:
  • If you are in charge of any province except BS AS, click on the capital city.
  • If you are in charge of the Autonomous City of BS AS, click on the small map next to the big one of Argentina and then click on "Buenos Aires"
  • If you are in charge of the south of BS AS, click on Bahía Blanca.
  • If you are in charge of the west of BS AS click on Villa Gesell.
  • If you are in charge of the Islas Malvinas, click on Puerto Argentino.
  • If you are in charge of the Marambio Base, click on the small map next to Ushuaia. There is no Pronóstico Extendido for the Marambio Base, so take into account the weather forecast you find no matter the day.
Click on Pronóstico Extendido and there you will find all the information you need. This may help you:

2. Let's say you find something like this:

Instead of writing on your card the min. and max. temperature, you will get an average
(promedio): min + max / 2 : average ºC. Write the number you obtain in the circle in the card. The other part is for you to draw. You card may look like this:

3. Write a brief description of the weather (the description in the Pronóstico Extendido may help you) and a piece of advice based on it.
For example: In the capital city of Tierra del Fuego province, tomorrow it's going to rain and it's going to be quite windy and really cold. You should wear a raincoat and a scarf, and take an umbrella with you.

4. Write the description and the piece of advice on a Word Document and send it to my email address before Thursday 24th. In "Asunto", write the name of the place you were assigned and your name.

If you have any doubt, please send me an email.

See you soon!

M. Belén.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advertising campaign

Hi everyone! I'm back after quite a long time! I've decided to post these two videos that I recently saw on television. I was completely shocked. Lord knows how great the number of kids-and teenagers and adults as well- who suffer this kind of abuse is. I hope this advertising campaign helps raise consciousness.

You can find more information about this subject in:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Minería contaminante

This is a video Celeste sent me a few hours ago...I find it really interesting and thought-provoking... We need to do something, our world is falling to pieces.

Janeth's 6th class in 4th grade!

Today's Thursday 8th October
It's spring

Today was Janeth's 6th class in 4th grade. Despite the constant interruptions, the class was really good. The crossword the students solved on the board proved to be engaging. But, in my opinion, the best activity was the guessing game! The sts were willing to listen to the short descriptions about animals Janeth was reading aloud. Then, sts had to solve a photocopy and, after checking the activity on the copy, they had to fill in a bubble writing which the animals they would like to have are. Something I want to highlight is Janeth's willingness to keep control over those kids with behaviour problems.

Janeth's 5th class in 4th grade!

Todays's Tuesday 6th October
It's spring

The day before yesterday was Janeth's 5th class in 4th grade. The activities the sts did were desk-based and most of them really enjoyed them. Then, Janeth showed them a picture of a pet created by herself (it was a mixture of a cat, a rabbit and a hamster) and asked them to create a pet tehmselves too.
Once again, there were problems with some students' behaviour, but Janeth managed to keep control over the class!
Go on like that girl!

Janeth's 4th class in 4th grade!

Today's Thursday 1st October
It's spring

Last Thursday was Janeth's 4th class in 4th grade. Almost all the students were present and most of them got really engaged with the lesson!!! Janeth started the class introducing the word PETS and then stuck some beautiful pictures on the blackboard. Sts knew all the animals but one: Hamtaro (I didn't feel bad for not knowing it either!!!). After playing a matching game on the board, the kids were asked to write about the pets they have and the ones they have not.
Again, Janeth managed to get the group motivated throughout the lesson. She also encouraged them all to work, but when she asked them to repeat the vocabulary she was presenting,they did not listen to her and, therefore, they did not understand what they had to do.

Jan, congrats on your great materials!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Janeth's 3rd class in 4th grade!

Today's Tuesday 29th September
It's sunny
It's spring

Today just 18 out of 32 students were present. The lesson started almost ten minutes late because of "external reasons". For the first time, all the students pay attention to Janeth's instructions of how they were expected to solve the photocopy she had just given them. In addition to this, they were willing to go to the board to check the activity they were working on. After that, Janeth stuck a picture of Rod (The Simpsons) on the blackboard and a speech bubble next to it. The lesson was focused on the structure "I've got/I haven't got" and the vocabulary related to family members. Janeth asked the students to repeat one sentence each, but some of them were really shy and did not want to read alone. In this case, Janeth should have encouraged chorus repetition. Then, Janeth gave them another photocopy with the pictures of Milhouse, Bart and Nelson on it. The pictures had speech bubbles the students were expected to fill in. Fortunately, it was clear that The Simpsons are really motivating since they complete the activity in quietness. They even stayed in the classroom after the bell had rung!

It was a really nice class!

Congrats girl!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


The following short text was an assignment we were given before our winter holidays.


According to Julia Kristeva’s concept of intertextuality, the intelligibility of a text depends on and is transformed by other texts. In other words, we can understand and interpret what we read only by relating it to a preexisting body of discourse. This can be easily noticed when we associate what we are reading to words or ideas we have already read or heard. This notion of intertextuality is closely related to the concept of originality, which can be defined as the quality of something that is “completely new and different from anything that anyone has thought of before”[1]. Taking into account this definition, it can be asserted that no text is original but a transformation of other pieces of writing, as Roland Barthes states.
In the case of Henry Shukman’s poem, The Call, the relationship it has with other texts becomes apparent as soon as we realize it is about unattainable love at distance: how many times have we read books, seen movies or listened to songs about it? The answer is probably “many”. For instance, the song Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye and the poem Distance Love by Ravi Sathasivam are also about lovers who are miles away one from the other. In the latter, though no reference is made to any technological device as in the case of The Call, it may be interpreted that the lovers do not know each other personally but by some means of communication. Other poems of this author do make reference to technology in an explicit way, such as I miss you on the net and My Internet Love. Therefore, it can be said that mentioning technological devices in literature is not new, not different, not original. Similarly, the sadness the man in The Call feels for his apparently unattainable love may be compared to that felt by the man in the song Impossible Love by Ub40. In fact, in both texts sadness is related to nature: “without you: just me and the trees baring themselves” and “The rose in the garden doesn’t bloom any more”.
To sum up, it can be affirmed that intertextuality and originality are two closely related concepts, since the former makes the latter nonexistent. Finally, it must be highlighted that the unoriginality of a text does not mean it is wrong, but that it derives of a previous work and that, in the same way, it will influence those texts written later.

Distant Lover

Distant lover, lover (lover, lover, lover)
So many miles away
Heaven knows that I long for you
Every night, every night
I plan, sometimes I dance
Through the day
Distant lover (lover, lover, lover)
You should think about me
And say a prayer for me
Please, please baby
Think about me sometimes
Think about me here
Here in misery
As I reminisce, oh baby,
through our joyful summer together
The promises we made
All the daily letters
Then, all of the sudden
Everything seemed to explode
Now, I gaze out my window
Sugar, down a lonesome road
Distant lover (lover, lover, lover)
Sugar, how can you treat my heart
So mean and cruel
Sugar, sugar
Treat every moment that I spent with you
I treasure every like it was a precious jewel
Please, Lord have mercy
Please, come back, baby
Somethin' I wanna say
When you left
You took all of me with you
Do you wanna hear me scream
Come back and hold me, girl

Distance love

Is it easy for me to love you
When you are far away from me
My heart is calling you always
But the distance keeps us away
Although, we never met each other
But I found your love crystal clear
We have built our love with our hearts
And we are there always for each other
If If have wings, I will fly to you
Across the ocean and lands to be with you
If I could be with you, my pain would fly away
If you hug me, my depression get away
You have captured my heart and soul
And I have nothing to give you other than love
It doesn't matter how far away you live
But I need you beside me now, other than
You make me live as a lonely man.

I miss you on net.......

When I log on my computer
I always look for your mail
Because your mail makes my day
No one else has never touched
my heart the way you have done
My inner feelings stirs in my heart
when I read your mail
Ever since I met you on net
I felt you are a great friend of mine
My emotion touched me hard
when I spoke to you on net
Today, I don't find you on net
I don't know what has happen to you
Although, you don't speak to me on net
but you are in my thought constantly
My heart is grieved when you left me
All that I want you to know how much
I miss you on net.

My internet love.........

There are so many friends come and go
on the net but you are the one I ever loved
I can remember the day how we met
I have yet to see your face and hear your voice
But I felt that you are a great friend of mine
Our friendships were grown up with understandings
but my emotion touched me hard to fall love with you
My inner feelings stirred in my heart with happiness
when you accepted my love with your loving heart
Although, we are separated by big distance
but our hearts start to speak the truth of love
Now, I believe the time will bring us together soon to
make our dream of love, sharing life and making a family
Today, you have made me realize life is great
and for that I will love you until my last journey
My desire for you is never ending and today my
mind, body and soul are engulfed with your love

Impossible love

When we were together
Those were the happiest time in all my life
Now were separated I don`t know what I will do
`cause I can`t ever love another
No matter how hard I try
`cause I know. it`s impossible
Where ever you may be
I hope you`ll hear my song
Then maybe you`ll realise
My love that you were wrong

`cause I can`t ever love another
No matter how hard I try
`cause I know. it`s impossible

The sunset outside my window
Has lost all it`s glow
The rose in the garden
Doesn`t bloom any more

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Janeth's 2nd class in 4th grade!

Today's Tuesday 22nd September
It's rainy

It's spring!

Last Tuesday was Janeth's 2nd class in 4th B. Once again, just 20 out of 32 students were present due to the rainy weather. Frankly, the class was a mess at times and the children misbehaved. In addition to this, the class was interrupted in several occasions by both people who were trying to take their children from the school earlier and Janeth herself who was trying to keep the students as quiet as possible.
As regards the activities Janeth had planned to do, the listening activity about Ben's family seemed not to work since they did not pay attention to what Janeth was reading. After this, students were expected to draw a cartoon similar to the one in the listening and write the dialogues introducing their own family. This activity proved to be a bit difficult and some of the students did not even start doing it.
Something to highlight was Janeth's possitive attitude throughout the lesson and her willingness to keep them motivated.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Janeth's 1st class in 4th grade!

Today’s Thursday 17th September
It’s rainy

It’s winter

Today was Janeth’s first class in 4th grade. Just 19 out of 32 students were present, and those 19 behaved properly and were willing to participate in the activities. In fact, even the 5-minute activity was done due to their positive response. They got really interested in the topic (the family) since Janeth made use of the characters most children know and like: “The Simpsons”.
I think Janeth is successful in both having control over the group and encouraging the students to enjoy what they are doing. Finally, as a piece of advice: Jan...remember the title!

Very nice class girl!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tus manos son para proteger...

Hi everyone! This is the first post I make after quite a long time. I hope you all enjoy this thought-provoking video. It is a European advertising campaign against children mistreatment.